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SystemUp Undelete is a powerful data recovery tool (See all)

SystemUp Undelete is a powerful data recovery tool that gives you the ability to retrieve lost data, result of a virus attack or accidental or careless deletion. The program supports FAT- and NTFS-formatted data media, and restores data from both hard disks and USB drives, as well as from memory cards and devices with integrated memory (digital cameras, iPod, PSP, and other multimedia players).

The program allows you to recover documents, folders, applications, videos, images, and other types of data. A thorough scan of the drive is performed to trace deleted files and directories; after that, to recover deleted files, you just need to choose a disk drive and browse the directory structure, picking the files to restore. The program's advanced search options allow you to search for a lost file using known file attributes, such as creation date, size, file type, etc. Empowered with highly optimized search algorithms, the program makes the data recovery process quick, easy and efficient in general.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Instant Undelete' can also be copied onto USB sticks and used from there
  • Supports FAT and NTFS data mediums


  • Restore function is deactivated in the demo version
  • Advanced search for deleted files' option is only shown for FAT drives
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